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I¬†was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan…..

with a two-year-old brother and, yes, a twin sister! Within a couple years, the whole IMG_1036family moved to the outskirts of GR to what would become Walker, Michigan. I graduated from Kenowa Hills High School and attended Grand Valley State University for almost four years, majoring in advertising and public relations, leaving to take a position with a local advertising agency.

One advertising job led to another and another, quickly earning me a Creative ViceIMG_1029 President position, and I moved to Chicago with another agency. Then came a brief segue into audio visual production. Then back to advertising for years and years. Then there was a break when I wrote a children’s storybook and a series of adventure books for eight-to-twelve-year-olds, all available on Amazon. And then a six-year-period when I was a Senior Purchasing Agent for a petrochemical company in Des Plaines, Illinois.

And somewhere in there, I wrote a draft of Dazzled. And IMG_1033then I wrote Superstar. And then came Black Hawk Ridge. And One, Two, Three Phoebe. And Hooked. And Tough Guy.

And then I got married. Again. And moved back to Michigan. And I’m living on a seven-acre farm with my husband, two horses, an Australian Blue Heeler, and innumerable cats…mostly the fault of the dairy farmer across the road who refuses to spay or neuter any of his feral barn cats. And that’s where I wrote a draft of the first story, Irish Eyes, in an Irish series I’m planning to write: Irish Legacy.

And I wrote a short story “The More The Merrier, I Think” for an Animal Rescue anthology, Celebrating Animal Rescue.

It’s also where I was when my beloved niece Lindsey talked me into publishing Dazzled.

Dazzled cover art with new blonde - Rev 5Below is a link that will take you directly to it. I hope you enjoy it. It was great fun writing it!